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Buy Generic Sildenafil from Bluepills4men at best price. Generic is a pharmaceutical product that contains the same chemical as the drug originally protected by chemical patents. Generic has the same active pharmaceutical ingredient as the original. But may differ in some characteristics, such as manufacturing process, composition, excipients, color, taste, and packaging.

Mostly, Generic Sildenafil products become available. after the expiration of the patent protection granted to the original developer of the drug.

Large pharmaceutical companies often spend millions to protect their patents from generic competition. In addition to litigation, they may reformulate a drug or license a subsidiary (or other company) to sell Generic Sildenafil under the original patent.

Generic Sildenafil companies can also benefit from the branded company’s previous marketing efforts. that including advertisements, drug dealer presentations, and free sample distribution. Many drugs are provided by generic manufacturers have been on the market for the last ten years or more. and you have already been well known to patients and providers, albeit often under their brand names.

Which means they do not need to run tests. To make sure patients respond to these drugs are the same as on the branded version. For example, the manufacturer of a generic blood pressure drug does not need to prove that its drug also lowers blood pressure. but because the chemical composition of the drug is the same. The regulatory authorities believe that it is quite safe.

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