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Buy Vomistop 10 Mg Online

Buy Vomistop 10 Mg Online from India

Vomistop 10 Mg is used to treat symptoms caused by vestibular disorders. Vomistop is also recommended for dizziness, headache, vomiting, vertigo/motion sickness, nausea, feeling of fullness if the delay in gastric emptying. Buy Vomistop 10 Mg online from India at the best price.

Vomistop 10 MG Tablet is a combination of domperidone and cinnarizine. The active ingredients belong to the class dopamine antagonists and antihistamines, respectively. The medicine tightens the muscles near the entrance to the stomach and relaxes those present at the exit.

The action of this medicine helps to speed up the passage of the food you eat from the stomach to the intestine, which reduces the feeling of nausea and discomfort and also prevents vomiting.

Vomistop blocks or reduces provocation in the vomiting center of your brain that will in the end reduce the sense of nausea and vomiting. Possible side effects of taking this medicine can be nausea, dry mouth, indigestion, drowsiness, or weight gain.

You are advised not to take Vomistop 10 Mg tablets if you have the following conditions:

  • You are allergic to Vomistop 10 MG Tablet or any other part of this drug.
  • Problems with bleeding or blockage in the stomach or intestines
  • Tumor in the pituitary gland
  • Heart disease
  • Severe/moderate hepatic impairment

The details supplied here are based on the composition content of the Vomistop 10 Mg. The uses and effects of the Vomistop 10 Mg can vary from person to person. It is advisable to consult a gastroenterologist before using this drug.

What is the use of the Vomistop 10 Mg tablet?

The main use of this medicine is as follows:

  • Vertigo and vestibular disorders
  • Vertigo
  • Motion sickness
  • Nausea

What are the contraindications of Vomistop 10 Mg?

  • Allergy
  • Depression
  • Porphyria

What are the side effects of Vomistop 10 MG?

Side effects Vomistop 10Mg:

  • Acne
  • Weakness
  • Dry mouth
  • insomnia
  • Excessive sweating
  • Unusual tiredness and weakness
  • depressed mood
  • Muscular stiffness

What are the Alternatives for Vomistop 10 MG?

Below is the list of medicines that have the same composition, strength, and form as Vomistop 10 MG Tablet and therefore can be used as substitutes.

  • Domstal 10 Mg tablet
  • Motilium M Tablet 10 Mg
  • Domstop 10 Mg tablet
  • Mahadom 10 Mg tablet
  • Domel 10 Mg tablet

Buy Vomistop 10 Mg online at the best price from India

Vomistop 10 Mg is used to treat symptoms caused by vestibular disorders. Buy Vomistop 10 Mg online in USA from India at the best price.

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