Drinking Caffeine Improve Athletic Performance

Caffeine and Athletic Performance

Caffeine and Athletic Performance: Drinking coffee is concerned with improving the sports performance of both men and women. buy Health supplements online at the best price. Researchers have discovered that drinking caffeine is associated with improving Athletic Performance in both men and women.

  • For the study, published in the journal Nutrients, researchers from the University of Coventry in the United Kingdom selected 38 participants (19 men, 19 women). and discovered that drinking coffee with caffeine improves cycling speed.
  • According to the researchers, participants restricted coffee consumption for 12 hours before drinking: coffee (3 mg. kg minus one) caffeine, a placebo in water, or nothing but control.
  • A 5km bike time trial improved the performance of men and women after taking coffee by about nine and six seconds, respectively, compared to placebo and control.
  • No difference in performance was can observe between placebo and control.
  • The study’s findings suggest that both men and women respond similarly to coffee and that their intake may be a practical source of caffeine before exercise to improve performance.
  • The results also contribute to a growing number of research projects that highlight the ergogenic benefits of drinking coffee.

To date, much of the research on this topic has focused on anhydrous caffeine and men and Women, To know more about the Benefits of coffee and buying health supplements Online visit us at bluepills4men Indian Online Pharmacy store.

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