Drinking Soft Drinks Linked to Obesity

Sweet Soft Drinks and Obesity

Soft Sweet Drinks are high in calories and contribute to obesity. Learn the effect of consuming these drinks regularly and what to drink instead. Researchers have discovered that acidic drinks sweetened with sugar, such as soda, are the common factor between obesity and tooth wear among adults. The study published in the journal Clinical Oral Investigations found that overweight or obesity was undoubtedly associated with tooth wear.

Significantly, they also found that increased consumption of sugary soda can a leading cause of the erosion of tooth enamel and dentin in obese patients. Previous research by King’s found that tooth wear affects up to 30 percent of European adults. It is the premature wear of the teeth due to the softening of the dental enamel of dietary or gastric acids, combined with wear.

Based on data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2003-2004, the researchers analyzed a representative sample of participants in the survey of 3,541 patients in the United States. The patient’s BMI and the level of dental wear were the exposure and the outcome measures in the analysis.

According to the study, tooth wear is classified as the third most important dental condition, after tooth decay and gum disease and the consumption of food and acidic beverages is one of the main causes of this. These drinks may be damaging their body and teeth,” James said.

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