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Eye Care

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About Eye Care Medicines

Eyes are the organ of sight, a very necessary and beautiful part of the human body. Eyes play an important part in a healthy body. To take care of your eye’s health, you can perform various techniques. Eye disease is not easy to diagnose at home, as its symptoms are not easily noticeable. So, it is important to meet an eye care professionalist.

Various eye health issues

Eyes are the delicate part of the body that suffers from a lot of issues and diseases, just like other body organs. Eye problems can be due to family history, any side effects, lifestyle, or any other defects. Some major eye problems are:

  • Presbyopia
  • Optic neuritis
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataract
  • Eye issue due to diabetes
  • Conjunctivitis

Eye issues can be cured with proper eye medicine.

Causes and symptoms of common eye disease:

Vision loss is a common symptom of every eye health problem. Below are the symptoms and causes of various eye issues:

  1. Presbyopia- Presbyopia is mostly seen in old ages. In this, the patient becomes unable to focus on the close objects.
  2. Cataract –It is a condition of cloudiness over the lens of the patient’s eye resulting in a poor vision at night, difficulty to glare, halos around lights, etc. Cataract grows over time and is most likely to be noticeable at old age.
  3. Glaucoma – increase in the pressure of eyes results in glaucoma. This is painless. At first, everything will seem normal, but slowly it will result in blind spots, poor night vision, and loss of vision.
  4. Macular degeneration- It affects the central part of the retina resulting in blurred and faded color vision. The exact cause of this problem is still unknown.
  5. Retinal detachment-In this, the retina gets detached from the underneath layer. Eye floaters, sparks in vision or shady visions are symptoms
  6. Optic neuritis- The optic nerve gets inflamed due to injections or multiple sclerosis. Slight pain may be felt in moving your eyeballs or when touched the eyelid. The exact cause is unknown.

Complications of eye problems:

People with eye infection has to go through various complications. This may hamper the functioning of their life. People with moderate eye vision may still need some mechanism to view an enlarged image on the screen. Vision problems can be cured with the help of prescribed or OTG drugs, surgery, or laser therapy, but still, an impairment may result in incurable loss of vision.


The main cause of eye illness in most of the population is an unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet. Aging and family background can also cause an unhealthy eye. Some of the measures that could be taken to prevent the common eye problems are:

  • Switch to a healthy diet plan. Add vitamin A, C, and E to enrich food to your plate.
  • Do not smoke. Quitting smoking can prevent you from age-related eye problems.
  • Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Wear sunglasses or hats to protect your eyes.
  • Go for an eye checkup regularly

Common eye care medicines:

There are various eye care medicines available in the market or online. Here is a list of most common eye care medications recommend by experts:

  • Norflox eye drops
  • Tropical eye drops
  • Azelast eye drops
  • Lotepred eye drops

A wide range of medicated eye drops, eye moisturizers, and other eye products are available online. You can buy eye products from our online pharmacy,

Myths and facts:

People always adapt to some misconceptions about eye health care, and it’s diseased. The sine of the popular eye care myths and their facts are given below:

Myth: frequent crossing your eyeballs can make it permanent.

Fact: crossing your eyeballs does not affect your current eye health. But, if this is seen in your child more frequently, then you must take them to a doctor.

Myth: Once you are advised to wear glasses, you have to wear your whole life.

Fact: wearing glasses does not make your condition worse ; in fact, proper medicines, eye products, and healthy food habits can improve your condition.


You have to undergo various eye tests to diagnose a particular eye issue. Your doctor will observe your symptoms, ask you about your family history of eye or other diseases, and about your medical history.

Treatment of disease:

There are various eye care products and medicines to treat major eye diseases. Some best eye care products are listed below.

  1. Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution
  2. Cyclosporin
  3. Dorzolamide
  4. Latanoprost
  5. Chloramphenicol

Steps to prevent eye disease:

Have information about your family’s eye history: Talk to your family members and try to know about their past eye health issues. It is important to know about your family history, as many eye defects are genetic.

Add veggies and carrots to your diet plan: Carrot is very good for eye health. Dark leafy vegetables and fruits are also important for eye health care.

Maintain your weight: Overweight or obesity increases the risk of  diabetes or other  diseases that can result in loss of vision.

Wear protective eyewear: while playing sports, do not forget to protect your eyes with goggles, eye guards, or safety glasses that are specially designed to protect your eyes during a certain activity.

Wear sunglasses: sunglasses are trendy, but more importantly, they protect the eyes from UV rays. While choosing sunglasses, take the one that blocks 99- 100 percent of UV-A and UV-B rays.

Give rest to your eyes: Don’t forget to blink while you are in front of the screen. Being in front of the phone or computer screen can make your eyes tired. Give your eyes proper rest.

Important things to know:

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