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Vardenafil 60Mg


Strength  60mg
Generic Name  Verdenafil
USA Brand   Vardenafil Tablets
Delivery Time 10 to 12 Working Days


About Vardenafil 60Mg

Vardenafil 60 Mg is used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men. Buy Vardenafil 60Mg online in USA at the best price. Learn more About Megalis 10 Mg Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Precautions, Interactions, Price, Warnings and reviews.

Vardenafil 60Mg helps in the breakdown of Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) Inhibits in the body, resulting in an enhance in the close attention of cGMP in the body. Increasing the concentration of cGMP leads to muscle relaxation and increases blood flow to the penis. This results in a better experience during sexual intercourse and helps to maintain an erection during Intercourse.

Manufacturer of Vardenafil 60 Mg

Centurion Laboratories Pvt Ltd, India is the manufacturer of Vardenafil 60Mg. It is manufactured in the concentration of 60 mg of vardenafil in a single tablet.

About the Brand

Centurion Laboratories is an Indian pharmaceutical company that is a leader in the manufacture and export of quality medicines at the cheapest price on the market. the company specializes in the production of pain relievers, antiseptics, nutraceuticals, Ambros plus, antiallergic, psychiatric and cardiovascular medicines.

Use of Vardenafil 60Mg

Erectile dysfunction treatment: It is the condition of impotence, where the penis does not erect during sexual intercourse, leading to erectile dysfunction of the penis due to insufficient blood flow to that region. Improper erection leads to sexual dissatisfaction in men.

How does Vardenafil 60Mg work?

Vardenafil 60Mg works by enhancing the close attention of cGMP in the blood. This leads to relaxation and increased blood flow in the primarily penile region. Its principal harms phosphodiesterase type 5, which results in an enhance in cGMP.

How to take Vardenafil 60Mg

Vardenafil 60 should be taken with a full glass of water with or without food. However, certain foods rich in fiber are better to taking Vardenafil 60Mg into the body.


Vardenafil 60 is available in a 60 mg concentration of Vardenafil.

US Brand Equivalent to Vardenafil 60 Mg

Levitra and Staxyn are brand names available in the US for the same Vardenafil salt.

Vardenafil dosage

Take the Vardenafil 60 dose as directed by your doctor. Take Vardenafil 60 recommended dose by the doctor. Vardenafil 60 is a higher dose weight than Vardenafil 20 or Vardenafil 40, for that reason Vardenafil 60 is used for solemn conditions according to Vardenafil 20 or Vardenafil 40.

How long should Vardenafil 60 Mg be continued?

Vardenafil 60 is a prescription drug; therefore, it should be continued as directed by your physician. Take Vardenafil 60 under the full supervision of your doctor.

Drug interaction with Vardenafil 60 Mg

Vardenafil interacts with nitrates and heart disease medications and can cause serious side effects.

Side effects

The main side effects of Vardenafil 60 include increased dizziness, fainting. Yes, taken with nitrates, it leads to an emergency hypotensive situation.

Overdose Side effects

Painful erection is one of the main side effects of Vardenafil 60 overdose. Damage to the penis is the risk of Vardenafil 60mg overdose. Other side effects of overdose include chest pain and back pain.

When not to take

Vardenafil 60 should be avoided if you have allergic reactions to the components of Vardenafil 60. If you are taking heart medications, avoid taking Vardenafil 60 as it may increase the risk of hypotension.

General information about the use of Vardenafil 60 Mg

Do not take Vardenafil 60 without consulting your doctor. Seek emergency help if any unwanted side effects arise while using Vardenafil 60.

Vardenafil Tablets Available Variants

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  • Vardenafil 60 mg

Substitutes for Vardenafil

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