The Best Exercise to Prevent Osteoporosis Disease

The best way to increase your bone strength and prevent osteoporosis is to exercise regularly. Even if someone already has osteoporosis, exercising can help maintain the bone mass they do have.

Why is exercise essential for osteoporosis? Experts say exercise not only helps build mass and endurance, but also helps maintain the amount of thickness in your bones. Weight training, resistance training, and flexibility are the three types of exercise for patients with osteoporosis. These, along with medications for osteoporosis, help prevent osteoporosis by developing healthy bones.

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Why is weight training effective?

Weight exercises involve bones, leg and trunk muscles that work against the force of gravity, while these parts support the weight of your body. Examples of weight training are walking, jogging, stair climbing, dancing, and aerobics. Weight training is considered the most effective form of exercise, especially when it comes to maintaining healthy bones in the spine and hip. Push-ups against the floor or wall in a standing position is also a type of weight-bearing exercise, as the arms during the training arms are loaded with body weight. An exercise that tends to increase heart rate, such as running and dancing, also strengthens the heart along with muscles and bones. These exercises are also known as aerobic exercises, but it is important to note that not all aerobic exercises support weight, for example cycling and swimming. Everyone must perform some exercises with weights to maintain optimal general health. Normal people trying to reduce their risk of developing osteoporosis can exercise vigorously and frequently than people with health complications or an increased risk of fracture. Those who are more likely to break their bones may need to participate in less intense weight-bearing exercises. It is important to choose exercises according to the level of physical condition, skills and state of health. Whenever in doubt, consult a doctor and prefer to go slowly. You can gradually increase the duration and intensity of the exercises to achieve the goal. These exercises work best when combined with strength training exercises and medications for osteoporosis.

Why is strength training important and how can you prevent fractures?

Strength training involves the use of free weights, exercise bands, or weight machines to make bones and muscles work. Helps increase bone density of bone and spine. For the most benefit, perform strength training two to three times a week after moderate to high intensity using all the major muscles. It is recommended to go slowly and gradually increase the intensity. If performed under the guidance of an experienced instructor, one will be able to follow the appropriate progression of exercise intensity. For beginners, those who cannot lift, push, or pull weight can start by holding their arms or legs against gravity. In this way, your arms and legs act as the load. As strength improves, one can gain weight.

Water resistance exercises can increase muscle strength. During resistance exercise, the joints experience less stress than they do during resistance exercises.

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How does exercise help prevent fractures?

Exercise not only improves body strength, it also improves balance and coordination, as well as reduces falls and fractures. Exercises, especially balance exercise, improve coordination and movement. If there is a problem with balance, there is an increased risk of falling. Therefore, caution is essential when performing balance exercises.

About stretching

As we age, we tend to lose more flexibility due to lack of activity and bad habits that lead to pain and stiffness. The more pain we experience, the stiffer our body is, the less likely we are to exercise, and as a result, we tend to lose muscle and bone strength. This further increases the risk of falls and bone fractures. Stretching exercises help reduce pain and stiffness by improving flexibility and expanding your range of motion. Stretching is an effective technique to warm up the muscles. When the muscles heat up, they tend to not have good blood flow, resulting in a better range of motion, and therefore less injury.

If you have osteoporosis, be careful when bending or twisting your waist. This movement can make it more likely to cause a fracture. Follow the exercise regimen along with osteoporosis medications to reduce the risk of fracture.

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