The truth About of Vagina Size

The Truth About of Vagina Size

About of Vagina Size

As any who looks at about 35 vaginas a day, I can reassure you that they come in all figures and shapes. Many reasons depend on Vagina Size – Life, childbirth, weight gain, sexual activity, gravity, and hormonal changes can affect the contour of the vagina over time, but is this a problem?

The vagina is a meaty tube that is approximately 3-4 inches long and 2-3 inches wide. Vaginal delivery can affect the shape of the vagina. If a stretchy tube sock has only had one foot and then one day you put a melon on it, it will be a bit stretchy at first. Vaginas are incredibly strong and made for childbirth. Most return to normal fairly quickly. But when labor involves prolonged pushing, large babies, multiple deliveries, or major vaginal tears (especially if they don’t heal well or become infected), sometimes the pelvic floor can be damaged, constantly affecting the size and function of the vagina.

Vaginal Size Changes After Childbirth

It can take 6 to 12 weeks for your pelvic muscles to recover from childbirth. If after that time you have any of the following symptoms, you may have pelvic floor damage and need to see your doctor.

  • Loss of urine
  • Difficulty controlling the passage of gas or retaining stool
  • Pain with sexual intercourse
  • Tampons or menstrual cups fall off

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If your vagina did not recover as well as you would have preferred from the adventures of childbirth, there are things you can do to get your vagina and pelvic floor back in shape. You can start with weight loss (if your BMI is over 30), Kegel exercises, and exercises that strengthen your core.

Gynecologists or urogynecologists (a urologist or gynecologist who has received additional training in pelvic floor reconstruction) are the best types of doctors to see if you are concerned that there is something wrong with your vagina. Sometimes the perineal muscles (the muscles between the vagina and the rectum) tear during labor and do not heal as they should.

Vagina Size: what You Should Not Do To Tighten Your Vagina

This works by causing irritation in the vagina that induces swelling. I have seen patients with severe vaginal burns from these products that require hospitalization. As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn’t put anything in your vagina that you buy from BP4M.

If you are concerned about the external appearance of your lips, then seeing a plastic surgeon to reshape your labia is fine (although completely unnecessary in my professional gynecological opinion). If you are concerned about the structure or function of your vagina, you should see a gynecologist or urogynecologist. Surgery should always be the last resort, but if you need to repair your pelvic muscles, you should see a trained urogynecologist to reconstruct your pelvic floor.

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Vaginal laser treatment is marketed as another option, but we do not have enough data on this. Please note: laser treatment has not been approved by the FDA for this purpose and there have been case reports of vaginal burns. If you choose to try vaginal laser therapy, be sure to do so with a gynecologist who can evaluate your pelvic floor and not at a medical spa.

Sexual Function

Stimulation of the clitoris and pressure on the inner front part of the vagina enhance sexual response. Multiple studies have shown that there are no differences in sexual function or satisfaction between women who have had cesarean sections and those who have vaginal deliveries, suggesting that the normal stretching of a vaginal birth does not make a difference.

Vaginal Cream and Vaginal Care Medicine

The truth About of Vagina Size and Shape

If a woman has not had an exceptionally difficult vaginal delivery or any type of vaginal surgery, then no. If childbirth has damaged your pelvic floor and is causing structural problems, see your gynecologist or urogynecologist. Remember to be kind to her vagina, do not rush to undergo surgery, and above all, do not put any herbal remedies to “tighten”.

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