Penis Shape and Size

The Truth about Penis Shape and Size

Learn More About The Truth about Penis Shape and Size

There are many folk stories and misunderstandings when it comes to Penis Size. Read Researched information about The Truth about Penis Shape and Size.

There are many folk stories and misunderstandings when it comes to penis dimensions. But there is also research. And what science suggests is that most men have a “normal” penis size, with an average flaccid penis length of about 3.5 inches and an erect length of 5 inches. Not only that, most men feel good about their penis size, with 88% rating its size as average or large. So, my friend, your penis is most likely, well … normal.

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What about the popular belief that penis size is related to hand or foot size, or related to race, height, or weight? The only one of these myths that has the slightest truth is the correlation between penis size and a man’s height, but the correlation is weak.

Flaccid Vs Erect

Science also tells us that flaccid penis length does not accurately predict penis length when erect. One study found that, on average, there is a 47% increase in penis length from limp to erection, with smaller flaccid penises tending to increase much more in size with erection than longer ones (probably the shape of nature to bring some equality to the erection). Penis world).

We probably know as much about penis size genetics as we do about tongue size. In other words, very little. There are probably genetic determinants for penis size and shape, which are then altered by hormonal response early in life when growth spurts occur.

Do Penis Shape and Size Matter?

Does a bigger penis mean more sexual satisfaction (and vice versa)? Maybe, but skill is much more likely to matter. If you ask women what makes phallus attractive, the answer might wonder you. In an unbelievable but true study, women were asked to judge the gracefulness of men with different penis sizes and different male body shapes. Unsurprisingly, penis size mattered … but only in the setting of other sexy characteristics, including shoulder-to-hip ratio and height. Diving even deeper, penis size mattered less for attractiveness when its length was at least 3 inches (remember, the average in American men is 3.5 inches). These findings are consistent with other studies that showed that 85% of women were completely satisfied with their partner’s Penis Shape and Size.

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So if you’ve been worried about your size, you can relax – size isn’t everything. As I joke to my patients if size were not mattered.

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