Trying Different SEX Positions After Menopause

After menopause, some women find that they still enjoy sex, but it is different than it used to be. This is often because estrogen levels drop after menopause.

Research has shown that people who are sexually active, either by themselves or with a partner, have milder menopausal symptoms than those who are not.

Here are a few different sex positions in symptom of menopause.

  1. You sit on top. Some postmenopausal people complain of deep pain in the vagina near the cervix during sexual intercourse. When you sit on it during sex, you can maintain penetration to the point where you feel comfortable. If you don’t want that, it can also feel good to press your pelvis against your partner in this position. Your partner can lie down while you sit on it. They can also sit with their legs slightly bent in what is called the lotus position. Some women like it because it allows them to hold onto their partner for a more intimate experience.

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  1. Doggy style. This position allows either of you to stimulate her clitoris during intercourse, which can make things more enjoyable.
  2. Missionary with help. If dryness and pain when entering is your main concern, try a variation of the missionary position. This raises the pelvis to make insertion a bit easier. Lots of lubrication will help too.
  3. Oral sex is still sex. If penetration is too painful, why not go ahead with oral sex? If your partner is willing, they can bring you pleasure without the discomfort of penetrative sex. They can take turns giving and receiving. Or one of you can switch so that you are facing head to toe (“69”) to pleasure each other at the same time.

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  1. Lie on your side. Lying on your side allows you to control how deep your partner can go, which helps if you have deep vaginal pain. This can work both if you are face to face with your partner or if you turn your back to him (bend your legs a little if the entrance is from the back). The angle of entry can vary, so this may not work if you feel pain at that point.
  2. Standing from behind. Stand and lean forward on a plush chair, a counter, or with your hands against the wall. Your partner stands behind you to enter from behind, like a puppy. Either one can stimulate his clitoris. And you can control the depth of the entrance to avoid the pain of deep sex.

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